Rotten Situation [2011]

This is my first game ever, released with the help from the guys at Insolita Studios. This is the project that made me like game development.

About the game:

Barbara Grenade is the sole survivor of a mysterious zombie infection inside a military base. Trapped inside by the security system, she must find a way out. However, the only vehicle available is under maintenance, and the exit is password protected. It’s up to her to fix the ride and hack the lock to escape – all without letting the zombies destroy the only barricade between her and them.
Fortunately, outside survivors reach the base, and by rescuing them, you can increase your manpower and make things easier!

Rotten Situation: Zombie Inception is a different tower defense game: Barbara and the survivors can easily take out zombies, but for how long? Time is short and they must make their escape before the barricade goes down! Manage the survivors to either FIX THE CAR, HACK THE LOCK or KILL ZOMBIES. Be as quick as possible!

Project Info

Name: Rotten Situation: Zombie Inception
Genre: Zombie-themed tower defense
Platform: iOS
Release: December 2011
Created With: ActionScript 3 / Flash
Development: around 5 months
My role: Main programmer


  • BEST MOBILE GAME OF THE YEAR – Independent Games Festival of SBGames, December 2011


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Download Here