Mobile Applications with Augmented Reality for Books Enhancement

Some people have difficulty in assimilating the content of textbooks and literature. Graphics and sound can help in understanding the content. The use of multimedia resources for the transmission of information is a strategy ncreasingly used.

This strategy provides an approach to content from the text, graphics, sounds, images, animations and simulations that hold the reader’s attention and allow a better interaction with the content displayed. The aim of this study was to propose interactivity tools in textbooks and literature from the use of Augmented Reality on mobile devices based on Android OS and iOS. Two case studies were developed, the first being a test tool for the enrichment of a storybook childhood and a second case study application of Augmented Reality on a textbook of analytical geometry, where it was possible to verify the usefulness of the tool the teaching of the subject through three-dimensional
visualization and interaction in real time, two things difficult to achieve with an ordinary book.




Project Info

Title: Mobile Applications with Augmented Reality for Books Enhancement
Published On: RENOTE. Revista Novas Tecnologias na Educação (in portuguese)
Pages: 1-10
Publisher: UFRGS – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Programming Language: ActionScript 3