Killing Moon [2013]

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Three friends goes to a halloween party at the school, and then some weird things start to happen.
This game was made for the Pack of Horrors Jam. There are 3 different endings. It’s a point and click game! Just point and click. The cursor changes to an eye if there is something interactive.

What have been said

What I did enjoy a little more about Killing Moon, pushing the tropes and trawling aside, is how it was horror-themed and wasn’t deliberately trying to give the player a jolt to the heart, i.e. a jump scare. It didn’t mind being a little creepy and more of a mystery. I say I enjoy this because most horrors these days have become strictly, and I mean strictly, about making the player jump. I wish more games would take horror as just a theme, rather than forcing it into a very small and specific slice of what it can be. – Chris Priestman, IndieStatik

Project Info

Name: Killing Moon
Genre: 16-bit style point and click adventure
Devs: Joymasher – Danilo Dias, Marco Galvão and Thaís Weiller
Music: N-FREQ
Platform: HTML5
Created with: Construct 2
Release: August 10th, 2013
Development: Approx. 1 week
My role: Game programming and testing

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